It is widely known that the Hospitality and Catering industry is a high consumer of energy.  All our members have been involved in challenging how we can collectively use our experience and expertise to reduce the overall carbon footprint of our industry.  

Since 2006 IFHC consultants have worked with the Catering for a Sustainable Future Group, The Carbon Trust, FEA (Formally CESA) CEDA and CIBSE in a bid to assist in the reduction of energy usage.


We understand that it is not just about the efficiency of equipment but encompasses ergonomic designs and operational practices.

IFHC consultants all have an obligation to nurture our planet and the industry has signed up to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2050, with half of UK businesses targeting to meet this goal by 2030.  In order to do this organisations need to understand how much energy they consume through food storage and production in order to benchmark their progress moving forward.

We are working with the Zero Carbon Forum to help businesses to reach their sustainability targets faster, more efficiently and cost effectively.

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