IFHC design consultants are experienced foodservice and commercial catering project professionals, familiar with RIBA stage delivery, and as such, proactive members of the design team. They are conversant with the complex requirements of a construction project from concept through technical development to completion, ensuring continuity and brief delivery.


They engage in open discussion and knowledge-sharing with project and client operational teams so that the food and beverage elements are fully understood and coordinated with mechanical and electrical services, building constraints and other operational drivers.

Catering consultancy is not simply confined to 'the kitchen design'. As foodservice and hospitality consultants they advise on the wider food and beverage strategy throughout the entire building.  This might include cafes, restaurants, buffets, bars, self-service points etc.

As IFHC consultants are fully independent, they are able to provide unbiased equipment suggestions, ensuring any proposals are tailored to the individual business and operation, supporting their clients in procuring the best value for money, for the available budget, via the tender process.

Overview of the food and beverage aspects through the construction phase ensures that the agreed client brief is delivered and potential issues are flagged with the project team so a collaborative resolution can be achieved. 

IFHC consultant involvement concludes with review and handover to ensure that all is as it should be. However, returning for a coffee or glass of wine when fully open is always welcome to see the foodservice come further to life.