IFHC consultants who specialise in management services have held operational positions in the catering industry earlier in their career, and as such are fully aware of the day-to-day operational and financial challenges that face today's caterers.

Management consultants are able to support clients with operational guidance, including but not limited to, menu design, operational, strategic and hygiene auditing, financial and business gearing, operational and business reviews, benchmarking, feasibility studies to explore optimum business models, resource structure and new appointments.

If a client requires an external catering provider for their business, IFHC consultants will provide them with a full turnkey tender process and negotiate the most appropriate contract style for their operation.

Fundamental to all IFHC consultants is their independence from any contract caterers or suppliers. Whilst maintaining relevant industry contacts and an overall awareness of the marketplace, they are able to provide their clients with unbiased advice, identifying operational solutions as to how best to structure the catering operation within their business and bring about any necessary changes.

IFHC consultant services do not stop at the appointment of a contract but can continue on through the life of the contract to provide valuable independent contract support. This can include a financial overview, advice on specialists areas, such as additional services points of changes to food offers, support in developing the business with new ideas and initiatives, customer surveys and audits against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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