Code of conduct and ethics


All the Consultants who feature on the Independent Foodservice & Hospitality Consultants (IFHC) website not only follow the agreed Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics, but are also committed to delivering their work to the very highest industry knowledge and ethical standards, whilst also adhering to any existing laws and regulatory standards that apply in the country of trade, providing their Clients with the reassurance of due diligence and regulatory compliance.


The founding principle of the IFHC is that any Consultant featured on the website only earn their income from professional fees, paid by the Client, and derived from project / assignment work they have undertaken. 


No IFHC Consultant can generate income from any discounts offered, fees paid for endorsing or promoting products or services, or a preferential tender process.

The Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics followed includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Before undertaking any work or project, the Consultant shall confirm in writing the scope and nature of the assignment / project they are being appointed to, the service they are to provide, the Professional Fee and the method of renumeration. 

The Fee Proposal shall clearly indicate if the fee being offered is ‘fixed’ or a ‘day rate’, and what any charges maybe for additional work and expenses.

Should some of the services or skills required by the assignment / project be ones that the Consultant may need to seek collaboration on from other IFHC Consultants, this will be clearly highlighted to the Client as part of the Fee Proposal.

As part of the Fee Proposal, the Consultant shall provide the client with their written terms and conditions of appointment prior to the commencement of any work. 

Before commencing any work, the Consultant shall declare to the Client if they feel their personal or other professional interests’ conflict with the appointment in any way.

The Consultant will always act responsibility and in the best interest of the Client, and shall maintain sound business relations with suppliers, industry and trades to ensure the best possible service at all times.

The Consultant will carry at all times the appropriate insurance cover, and levels of cover, for their areas or practice.

The Consultant shall continually upgrade their knowledge and competence with regard to their area of discipline.

The Consultant shall endeavour to act in the best interests of ecology and the natural environment, and wherever possible promote the conservation of energy and the recycling of materials. 

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