The "Hidden Skills" of a Foodservice Design Consultant

The dictionary definition describes consulting as “engaging in the business of giving advice to people working in a professional or technical field”; but Foodservice Design Consultants provide so much more than ‘just’ advice or a drawing!

Daily we have to be comfortable multi-tasking and wearing ‘lots of hats’ as we face all kinds of diverse design, technology and business challenges.

Foodservice Design Consultants provide so much more than ‘just’ advice or a drawing!

Each project is a blank-canvas with no preconceived ideas, Foodservice Design Consultants are often thrown in at the deep end and have to recognise what can and cannot be achieved and illustrate the real benefits to each possible solution whilst also delivering a great experience not only to the client and design team but also the end-user.

Design Consultants strive on detail and are goal-orientated to be able to work with both diverse teams of people and as individuals whilst also possessing a deep awareness of time management and organisational qualities. We have the aptitude to focus appropriate skills and resources to the appropriate areas of the design. We enhance our portfolios with advanced knowledge in design and theory and produce both creative visions and written reports.

Central to our role, is the management of the relationships between individual design disciplines as well as those between the client team, design team, the construction team and the specialist subcontractors. We are continuously flexible and adaptive with good communication skills

Behind the scenes we work long hours, commute around the country, juggle many plates

(metaphorically!) and produce hundreds of design alternatives that our clients will never see to ensure our proposed solution is paramount.

The professional, consistent, friendly approach of a Foodservice Design Consultant, cultivates trust to ensure the welfare of the client and the success of the project and show the real value of a good design through a wholistic methodology. It is the soft-skills of adaptability, active listening, emotional intelligence and the all-important personal touch that has built strong reputable Foodservice Design Consultants and through their hard work and dedication providing businesses that care for our clients and our projects.

Foodservice Design Consultants will kindle enthusiasm, be influential and innovative, use finely tuned analytical skills, negotiate and manage compromise, provide leadership and co-ordination throughout a complex design process to ensure delivery of a project on time, within budget and to the specified standard of quality.

In an ever-challenging and ever-changing industry, there will always be new trends, new technology, new clients, new tools for a Foodservice Design Consultant to evaluate and quench their thirst for knowledge. The best consultants are not already experts with all the solutions, but the best can apply and draw on their experiences to acknowledge any problem, in any sector and take a step back to see it from a new perspective with the ability to future-proof ideas and adopt future strategy and behaviours to cope with change; they don’t just produce a drawing!

Jo Headland: JoH Design Ltd