Experience! Experience! Experience!

Location! Location! Location! might be familiar in relation to houses, however experience, experience, experience, can be equally important when selecting your independent foodservice consultant.

Hospitality covers many sectors and deciding on a consultant with experience across multiple sectors can only be a positive when it comes to 'the exchange' as it were of ideas, expertise, opportunities and project considerations. Do not be limited to advice from anyone who might have single company or sector experience.

Speak to your potential consultant to discover how their experience of other projects will benefit your project.

Check that their experience level is appropriate, and that the consultant assigned to work on your project is that individual, the consultant that actually has the experience, not just a company ‘front person’.

Know who you will be working with to ensure compatibility. A truly experienced consultant not only provides foodservice consultancy advice, but also adds to your knowledge by providing critical thinking, informed by their active experience across multiple projects and sectors. Explore and ensure that your catering consultant is suitable for your project and fits within your project team.

Roz Burgess: Intelligent Catering Ltd